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Help For People Injured Because Of Hospital Mistakes

It is not unreasonable to expect to be on the road to recovery upon discharge from a hospital. Surprisingly, though, many thousands of people die or suffer serious health problems every year across America because of diseases or errors made while being treated in hospitals. If you became sick (or a loved one died) as a result of errors made while in the hospital or clinic for medical care, you are entitled to sue for compensation.

An Attorney Who Understands Hospital Liability And Health Care Issues

At the medical malpractice Law Office of Robert Beatty-Walters in Portland, Oregon, my professional staff and I focus exclusively on helping people recover money damages resulting from medical malpractice such as hospital errors. Prior to entering the field of law in 1995, then founding this firm in 2008, I worked as a registered nurse in pediatrics, emergency room and neonatal intensive care. I am proud to say that I continue to hold my registered nurse license.

Hospital Deaths And Injuries Caused By Exposure To Bacteria Are Preventable

Common hospital infections such as Staphylococcus aureus and MRSA (Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus) are often preventable, yet many hospitals and medical clinics don’t take proper precautions. The sixth leading cause of death among adults in American hospitals is exposure to harmful bacteria introduced by medical personnel. Anyone who practices in the field of health care is required to maintain a standardized level of hygiene.

Common Hospital Mistakes Leading To Patient Harm

In a hospital setting, any number of things can result in an error or the transferring of harmful bacteria. In recent years, there has been a renewed effort on behalf of hospital officials around the country to provide in-services and other training focused on proper hand-washing techniques and the proper use of PPE (personal protective equipment). However, human error is always in play.

Common errors made by medical practitioners include:

  • Incorrectly diagnosing a condition or disease
  • Not having mechanisms in place to prevent patients from falling
  • Discharging patients before they are ready
  • Failing to diagnose a disease or condition
  • Failing to order necessary tests to establish a proper diagnosis
  • Improperly monitoring patients during surgery
  • Medication errors
  • The use of old or faulty equipment

Why Do So Many Hospital Mistakes Happen?

No other industry enjoys as much secrecy and hides behind patient-doctor privilege like the medical profession. Even the most serious errors by a medical professional will be handled in secret by an internal disciplinary board.

Some common hospital errors happen because of:

  • Communication errors between hospital departments and primary caregivers
  • System errors that allow information to fall through the cracks
  • Authority hierarchy issues
  • Inappropriate budget priorities
  • Administration failure to monitor doctors’ training and behavior
  • Drug and alcohol abuse by hospital staff

A Medical Malpractice Lawyer With Medical Experience You Can Count On

If you were injured by a physician while you were a patient in a hospital, you need an attorney who understands how medical facilities operate. In addition to my medical background, I understand the need to treat clients with dignity and respect. You will receive the highest level of compassion from my staff and me, coupled with a strong desire to do everything possible to help you understand the process and how decisions may affect the outcome.

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